Hay, Haylage and Straw, Farnham Surrey

Potts Farm

High Quality Hay, Haylage, Straw and Fencing from an independent farm established over 20 years throughout Hampshire and Surrey.

About Potts Farm

Established Hay, Haylage and Straw contractors based in Farnham, Surrey for over 25 years.

With over 1000 acres of high quality forage we are able to supply equine clients throughout the year.

Why Potts Farm?

All grassland maintained to ensure the best quality weed free forage.

Hay and Straw bales 70 x 80 x 182cm. Haylage 70 x 80 x 152cm

Very competitive pricing

Friendly service and honest advice

Member of National Farmers' Union

Deliveries of 2-40 bales available to be delivered